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Zaggora Hot Pants Review and Giveaway

This is the latest in the new products from Zaggora; the women’s sportswear company behind the iconic ‘HotPants’, helping women to lose weight in a ‘2 week challenge’.

As a brief overview of Viva Hotpants, these are five, new and bright colour leggings with contrasting seams ending just below the knee. Viva’s new cut have a curved seam construction that is narrower at the back, widens around the bottom and then narrows in on the thighs to accentuate the body shape, slim the thighs and create a flattering silhouette.

Details on Viva are available at and

The science behind Hotpants is as follows;
Scientific studies show Weight loss is FOUR TIMES GREATER in Hotpants
Hotpants increase the energy expenditure during exercise
Hotpants increase energy expenditure in the resting stage after exercise by 16%
The core temperature in Hotpants increased by an average of 18% compared to the  control Thermal sensation was significantly greater but safe in Hotpants

*Research from the Chelsea School of Sport at Brighton University

Q & A

How Does Zaggora work?
All Zaggora products are specially designed with CeluLite™ technology which increases core body temperature while being active leading to increase in calorific expenditure during and after working out as well as short term weight loss immediately following working out. The Celu-lite technology has specifically designed lining which insulates and increases heat generation during working out to deliver better results in the short and long term. 

Does making you sweat mean you burn more calories?
What makes you burn more calories is the raised body temperature which is also the reason for the increased sweat generation. Zaggora’s advanced technology safely raises body temperature during physical exercise, making you sweat, which is a sign the body has to work harder and increases metabolic rate during and after exercise.
Zaggora products make you sweat – does this mean you are only losing water?
The short term weight loss immediately following your workout is water loss indeed. However, the fact that the metabolic rate goes up during and after exercise means that in the long term your body burns more calories which means you get real and long lasting results.

What underwear should you use with Zaggora products?
Personal preference is obviously key however as with any form of physical activity it is advised that you wear cotton underwear to help the skin breathe.

Can working out with Zaggora products cause de-hydration?
With any form of exercise it’s really important that you keep your body hydrated to restore moisture lost through perspiration. Due to the increase in body temperature and sweating whilst wearing Zaggora products it’s particularly important that you drink water in regular intervals before, during and after physical activity.
Do you have male products? Why not?
Unfortunately not at the moment, however we are in the process of developing a specific male Zaggora range. Currently Zaggora products are not suitable for men as the bodies core temperature is greatly increased during exercise while using Zaggora products (+0.93 degrees centigrade) compared to a standard garment ( +0.78) which means there is potential risk to the male genitals. Watch this space – male products will be coming soon.

Can Zaggora products cause bacteria from the heat?
Zaggora products promote good circulation providing a detox for the body and increase your body temperature. If not used in an hygienic way however, they can cause a buildup in bacteria, so it’s important that you wash them as directed on the products care instructions after each use. If you are prone to yeast infections, we advise that you don’t wear Zaggora products for a long period of time.

When should I wear my Zaggora products?
Zaggora products were made to fit into every woman’s lifestyle no matter how busy they are and can be worn under your clothes at work, whilst at the gym or at home. There is also now a pair of nude HotPants so you can burn calories while wearing your favorite frock and no one will notice!

Can I sleep in my Zaggora products?
The best results from Zaggora products are achieved when doing physical activity therefore we wouldn’t recommend sleeping in your products as you wouldn’t notice a difference and we believe it is best to let your skin breathe through the night. 

What we thought at Mummy Fever:
I'm always a bit sceptical when I hear about products that make claims such as these - so I was really keen to try them out.

I wore them for two weeks (although not every day). I wore them around the house, at the gym and yesterday I ran a half marathon in them. 

I have to say overall I am seriously impressed. I had a small problem with the hot pants which were sent, but was sent a replacement straight away - so the service I received was great! They   are odd to put on at first, it is basically like pulling on a wetsuit. I was worried at first I had ordered the wrong size but they turned out to be fine with a good pull. If in doubt though I would go for the bigger size. After wearing them you experience "the peal off" whereby you literally peal them off your legs, which feel clammy. What you notice almost after the first wear is how smooth they make your skin - much less lumpy and bumpy in my case.

Now the big one.... the loss... after wearing them sporadically for 2 weeks I have lost a total of 23 cm from my lower body. This seems crazy to me and I can't believe they actually work - I feel like I should wear them 24 hours a day! Ha Ha! The biggest loss was around my bottom, where I lost 5.5cm.

Now all I want is for them to make a full body suit to tackle the rest of my body!

Now the exciting part ... I have 3 pairs of these amazing hot pants to give away to Mummy Fever readers.

To enter - simply complete the rafflecopter below. Good Luck x

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  3. I like to take leisurely walks along the river bank :)

  4. I love interval training - the short bursts are more fun to me than long, drawn-out sessions!
    ~liz n.

  5. I'd say tennis, but I never do that as don't have time, money, etc. for it. I do run, walk and occasionally swim.

  6. i enjoy exercise on the wii fit as no one then has to see all my lumps and bumps at the gym.

  7. I love cycling although not easy with little ones in tow

  8. I'd love to give these a go while doing Zumba.

  9. Zumba on the wii with my eldest and pushing the little ones' double buggy up the hill! Killer!

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