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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dr. Organic: The Argan Oil Range

Dr. Organic I absolutely LOVE this brand and there are so many amazing products to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. 

The best place I have found to purchase this brand is Holland & Barrett   - the best thing about this is that they always seem to have offers on so you can pick up some real bargains if you keep your eyes out. Signing up to their email alerts is the best way to keep up to date I find!

The new range from Dr. Organic is the Moroccan Argan Oil range which I have  to say is truly luxurious and makes your skin feel amazing. Here are a few of the things in the range...

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Day Cream

An intensive nutritious daily treatment based on Organic Argan Oil enriched with Arganyl. A light and ultra absorbent cream that improves firmness and tone as well as hydrating, smoothing and moisturising the skin. Nourishes deep into the skins epidermis and protects against cell damaging free radicals. immediately after application, facial features appear visibly smoothed.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hand & Nail Balm

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hand & Nail Balm

Ultimate hydration: Formulated for the driest, most active hands, this ultra rich Organic Argan hand salve is an intensive blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients together with organic Argan Oil helps to soothe, moisturise and protect even the most severely dry damaged hands.
Organic Moroccan Argan Instant Tightening Eye Serum Oil

Organic Moroccan Argan Instant Tightening Eye Serum Oil

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is an incredibly rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The natural skin rejuvenating properties of this amazing oil are formulated with a complex mix of organic oils and fruit extracts to create a fast absorbing, intensively hydrating eye treatment. The inclusion of clinically proven anti-aging and anti-wrinkle Argan fruit proteins, result in a high potency eye serum that instantly smoothes and transforms the appearance of the skin whilst minimising deep lines, wrinkles and under eye puffiness.
The day cream was a particular favourite here at Mummy Fever, skin feels really silky after using this and it smells amazing too! The hand and nail cream can make even the tightest of hands soft and supple again - a great one for mums who spend their lives washing their hands!
We haven't tried them but there are a number of other amazing looking products in this range which appeal at Mummy Fever including: the bath oil, facial oil and breast firming cream.

Back to School Lunch Box Ideas

I can't believe it is that time already...back to school on in 2 sleeps! The summer (or what we had of it) has flown by and now I'm checking all uniform is labelled and ready to go and that we are all organised for next week. That includes getting supplies in for lunch boxes.

This term the children's lunch boxes will be seeing some new additions having just discovered the following fruit snacks from Fruit Bowl!

strawSchoolSchool Bars Information
These school bars are ideal for lunchboxes, made with apple puree and concentrated strawberry, apple and pear juices. Each bar counts towards one of your five a day and contains more than five times its weight in fruit! Try one or all of these great flavours.

NEW! Fruit Sours, a mix of apple, cherry, orange and strawberry flavours are a fantastic addition to the Fruit Bowl range.

The taste bud tingling sour and tangy tear shaped fruit drops are made from real fruit with nothing artificial added. Plus one zingy pack counts as one of your child’s 5 a day*.


NEW! Fantastic tasting small fruit shapes ideal for little mouths. With no added sugar*these sea characters, made with apple, pear, strawberry and blackcurrant juices are a fun treat. Plus, one pack is one of a child’s 5 a day. Terrific for cake decorating too!

What we think at Mummy Fever:

These most certainly meet our criteria for a 'brand we love' at Mummy Fever. These are a great addition to any lunch box or indeed after-school snack. The children love the fruity flavours but the packaging and presentation of these is also very appealing to little people too! 

These are really handy but you can also be sure the children are getting one of their five a day at the same time!

To find out where you can get hold of these click here!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

NEW show Slugterra comes to POP


POP is now airing Slugterra, a new show that follows the adventures of Eli Shane, a young man who arrives in the underground world of Slugterra determined to become the greatest ‘slug-slinging’ hero of all time.


To do this he collects, trains and duels slugs – little creatures found all over Slugterra that have special powers according to their individual element - Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Freak, Metal, Toxic, Ice, Plant, or Electricity. Eli makes several friends along the way, including Trixie, a girl who saves him from a rogue slug-slinger and a Cave Troll called Kord.


Slugterra is an epic sci-fi comedy adventure set deep underground, where the ammo's alive and only the quick survive! In this luminous, high-tech, underground world every cavern holds a new adventure, new battle and weird little slugs to be discovered!

You can watch a preview of the show here.


This show appealed most to my 6 year old who loved the fact that there is a new hero around in Eli Shane! The show was action packed and he loved the fact that the slugs transform into magical and powerful beasts ... apparently that part was awesome!

It's all about defeating evil so that always goes down well in our house!

The graphics and animation add to the sci-fi element of the show.

Hope your little ones enjoy it!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Feed the loom band frenzy with this fantastic 5,400 piece loom band refill kit for a bargain price

Loom Bands .... if you have children over four and have thus far avoided this frenzy then I am astounded!

I was a bit slow on the uptake and my eldest had been doing these with her friends at school for a couple of weeks before I realised what all the fuss was about ... now we have progressed a bit as this summer she has shown me how to make my own and she even seemed reasonably impressed with mummy's efforts...bonus!

Apparently... according to my daughter you can never have enough loom bands and the range of bands now available seems huge, especially with all the glittery ones that are now available.

If you are looking for a good value mixed refill pack then I can certainly recommend the Loom Band Refill Kit from Rainbow Braid - at the moment these are available for £14.90 on Amazon and with the kit being 5,400 pieces you can't go wrong really. Also if you are a Prime member you will get free Prime Delivery on this item as well.

Here is a bit more about this kit:

Product Details

5400pc Bold, Beautiful Loom Band Refill Kit From Rainbow Braid ★ Massive Loom Band Refill Set ★ Wear The Rainbow and Loom Today with 18 Colours & 250 Clips to Make Rubber Band Bracelets ★ Fully Compatible with All Rubber Band Looms ★ 300 Each of 18 Different Colours ★ Solid/Neons (Red, Purple, Turquoise, Light Blue, Dark Blue), Fluorescents (Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple), Glitters (Pink, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green) and Bolds (Black, White) ★ 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 4 years. For use under adult supervision

The Amazon reviews of this pack speak for themselves really, there are some very happy customers! Compared to some of the kits out there this is much better value and the delivery is super fast. Don't be fooled by the loom kits in the fancy boxes, I initially bought one of these for my daughter and then realised it had hardly any bands or clips in. If you want value for money this is the kit to get!

Happy Looming!

Fruit bowl® - Helping us get prepared for the back to school panic

BACK TO SCHOOL ... are you looking forward to it or dreading it?

Each term I try to be more organised and prepared for the children starting back at school in order that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Keeping stocked up on tasty but healthy things for their lunch boxes can be a challenge... especially as they seem to hoover everything up so fast these days! 

I'm hoping that when they go back to school this September I can stock up on items from Fruit Bowl so I can make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks for their lunch boxes or indeed as afternoon snacks to keep them fuelled between all their activities!

If you haven't heard of Fruit Bowl here is a bit more about them and the products they have available...

Fruit bowl® is a range of tasty, fun fruit snacks designed to provide an alternative to crisps, biscuits and confectionery. A new study[1] has revealed over half of parents (53 per cent) struggle to get their children to eat fruit. Children enjoy snacks and during this rapid period of physical growth snacks can provide additional energy and nutrients.

The Fruit bowl® range provides a variety of irresistibly tasty and fun-to-eat fruit snacks to munch between meals or curb after school tummy rumblings. They’re made with real fruit, are gluten free as well as being suitable for vegetarians.  They come as individual wrapped to aid portion control, can be added to favourite baking recipes or sprinkled on top of breakfast cereals and desserts as a delicious treat.

Fruit bowl® Fruit Peelers (RRP £1.79 for a pack of 3 individually wrapped 20g Peelers)
Delicious fruit snacks made into fun, peelable strips! Made 100% from fruit - with nothing artificial added. Fruit Peelers are available in 3 delicious flavours, raspberry, blackcurrant and strawberry.
One 20g Fruit Peeler:
·         Counts as one of your 5 a day*
·         Contains 7 times its own weight in fruit!
·         Contains no added sugar**
·         Is only 68 calories
·         Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Fruit bowl® School Bars (RRP £1.98 for a box of 5 individually wrapped 20g bars)
Fruit bowl School Bars are ideal for lunchboxes, made with apple puree and concentrated fruit juices.  School Bars are available in 4 fruity flavours, raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry and apple.
One 20g School Bar:
·         Counts as one of your 5 a day*
·         Contains more than 5 times its own weight in fruit!
·         Contains no added sugar**
·         Is only 67 calories
·         Contains no artificial colours or flavours


NEW Fruit bowl® Fruit Sours (RRP £2.29 for 5 individually wrapped 20g packs)
Available  in four zingy flavours – orange, apple, cherry and strawberry.
One 20g Fruit Sours pack:
·         Counts as one of a child’s 5 a day~
·         Contains more than 5 times its own weight in fruit
·         Contains no added sugar**
·         Is only 58 calories
·         Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Fruit bowl® Fruit Shapes (RRP £1.89 for a pack of 5 individually wrapped 18g packs)
Ideal for little mouths fruit shapes come in two fun varieties, Jungle Fruit Shapes and Sea Fruit Shapes.
One 18g pack: Fruit bowl® Fruit Sours are available in Asda.
·         Counts as one of your child’s 5 a day~
·         Contains more than 5 times its own weight in fruit
·         Is only 52 calories
·         Contains no added sugar**
·         Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Fruit bowl® Fruit Flakes (RRP £2.00 for 5 individually wrapped 20g packs)
Deliciously Fruit Flakes are low in fat and come in four great flavours: tropical, blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry.  They are sold individually and in multipacks of various sizes.
One 20g pack:
·         Counts as one of your child’s 5 a day~
·         Contains 3 times their own weight in real fruit
·         Is only 66 calories
·         Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
·         Sold individually or in multipacks

Fruit bowl® Yogurt Fruit Flakes (RRP £2.00 for 5 individually wrapped 25g packs)
Scrumptious Fruit Flakes are a special treat with a creamy yogurt flavoured coating, available in three flavours: blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry.  They are sold individually and in multipacks of various sizes.
One 25g pack:
·         Contains 3 times their own weight in real fruit
·         Is 112 calories
·         Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Fruit bowl® Yogurt Raisins (RRP £2.00 for 5 individually wrapped 30g packs)
Juicy raisins coated in a creamy yogurt flavoured coating, a real treat.  They are sold individually and in multipacks of various sizes.
One 30g pack:
·         Is 133 calories
·         Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives


*Based on one adult’s 80g portion of fresh equivalent fruit
~Based on one child’s 50g portion of fresh equivalent fruit
** Contains naturally occurring sugars
Please note the retail pricing is the sole responsibility of the retailer

[1] One Poll Eating Habits Survey on behalf of Fruit Bowl. 1000 mums aged 20-44 with children aged 5-12 years. Winter 2014.

Good luck with getting the children sorted for going back to school and if you want to know where you can buy these items just click here for details.


'My First Football Boots' enable parents/family members to start the fun, learning process

Tunbridge Wells, UK, Aug 19, 2014 - A new football boot design is set to help young children rapidly learn and improve their footballing skills. Children as young as two years old play and attend structured sessions and many struggle to understand or remember which parts of their feet to use for different techniques. 'My First Football Boots' use coloured contact zones to help young children learn the game's key skills and also develop advanced technique. The boots are so easy to use that with free printed and digital resources, parents and family can play a huge part in the learning process, regardless of their footballing knowledge.

Suitable for children aged 2+, the boots/trainers have been designed by Kent-based professional coach and scout, Andy McAllen who has coached for Tottenham Hotspur FC and worked with stars such as Ossie Ardiles, Jamie Redknapp and Michael Owen.  Working with young children every day for the last decade, it means the boots have been designed to really make the most of how children learn. The boots will also be comfortable, durable and produced from high quality materials.

The Kickstarter campaign which ends in September enables backers to be the first people to receive the boots and start the fun journey with their little footballer. Project backers can select from a full range of child sizes and choose the rubber soled version for firm ground and the moulded stud version for soft ground - or even opt for both so children can continue improving no matter what the weather.

Andy McAllen said about the project: 'Wouldn't it be great as a parent or grandparent, to give your youngster an advantage when it comes to learning how to play the game. Also to be able to teach them lots of important techniques and bond through that quality, learning time.'

Healthy Salads for Summer

The British Summer seems to have left us for now ... that doesn't mean that we should crack out the slow cookers and resort to winter dishes just yet!

Why not try and make the most out of the rest of the summer and serve up some tasty and healthy salad options for the family instead? 

Florette have some wonderful healthy salad recipes  - you really will be spoilt for choice. Florette salad is super healthy and very tasty so you wont feel like you are just eating leaves! This has to be one of my favourite brands of salad and it is so versatile there are loads of possibilities.

Florette Salad. Salad recipes to feelgood/>

The top of my list is always a tasty Tuna Nicoise  as there are so many tasty bits and bobs and it can be different every time if you don't always have all ingredients in it really doesn't matter. This can be a great lunchtime meal or a lighter evening meal option and it is also really easy to make for lots of people as well, so if you are having a get-together then it might be an option.

tuna nicoise

The ingredients I would normally use are:

  • 1 bag Florette Sweet crispy
  • 1 Tin tuna in oil
  • 10 Olives
  • 4 Hardboiled eggs
  • 8 Cherry tomatoes
  • 100gms blanched Green beans 
  • 2 table spoons Capers
  • Dressing - Healthier honey and mustard
  • 1 tb Olive Oil 
  • 2 tb White wine or cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
  • 1 teaspoon Honey
  • Salt & pepper

There are lots of other tasty and healthy options you could create of course including something like this yummy looking Tiger Prawn Salad with sweet chilli - looks delicious!
Best Dressed Sweet Chilli